Divine Liturgy and Festal Trapeza - 10/14/08

Our Parish celebrated its Feast Day gloriously and prayerfully! Our Father George Larin and Father Ilya Gorsky were joined by Archpriest Nikolai Babitchouk of the All Russian Saints Orthodox Church (MP) from Pine Bush, NY; Archpriest Serge Lukianov of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church (ROCOR) of Red Bank, NJ; Archpriest Chad Williams of St. Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Church (ROCOR) of Richmond, ME and Hieromonk Father Dionisy from the Holy Trinity Monastery (ROCOR) in Jordanville. In addition, the Divine Liturgical Service was embellished by the presence of Protodeacon Joseph Yarostchuk from St John of Kronstadt Orthodox Church (ROCOR) in Utica, NY as well as Father Leonid Roschko from the Parish of Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church (ROCOR) in Red bank. NJ. Many came to pray with us and to partake of the festal trapeza served by the sisterhood after Divine Liturgy in the Church Hall.
The Choir sang beautifully!
Father Leonid leading the congregation in the singing of the Creed.
The Homily- The essence of the Feast Day
Father Serge Lukianov and Father Nikolai Babitchouk listening to Father George Larin's homily on the essence of the Feast Day
Father Chad Williams
Father Protodeacon Joseph Yarostchuk intones the prayer of Mnogaya Leta
Mnogaya Leta
Veneration of the Cross at Dismisal
Bountiful Trapeza
Paishioners and guests enjoying each others company at the Trapeza
THe Clergy table
The Litany prayer intoned by Father Leonid Roschko
Table of fellowship
Father George Larin and hieromonk Father Dionisy
Father George Larin at Divine Liturgy
Father protodeacon Joseph Yarostchuk leading the congregation in a litany of supplication
Father Leonid Roschko reading the Epistle during the Divine Liturgy
The reading of the Holy Gospel during the Divine Liturgy
The Great Entrance
The Great Entrance
The Great Entrance