2010 Boutique a la Russe - 11/21/10

The photos were taken on Saturday November 20th and Sunday November 21st, 2010. Enjoy!
The Talented Musicians: Igor and Victor
Accordionist Victor Cebotari
Street Banner on Broadway in Nyack
Contented customers
Church Sisterhood- Mrs. M. Krivcov
Matushka Katia Larina
The famous menu
The Parish Bookstore
The kitchen Staff: Jenya, Tasia and Sasha
The Parish bookstore Christmas mascot...
Church Tour announcement
Russian Matrioshka
Father Serafim Slobodskoy- First Rector of the Parish
Metropolitan Laurus
The famous Menu and its prices
Description of dishes
Kvass- a Russian seltzer made out of bread
Selling tickets
Mrs. Gilda Umrichin- a great helper of the Parish
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