West Point Comes to the Holy Virgin Protection Russian Orthodox Church in Nyack - 10/22/11

ProtoDeacon Serge Arlievsky showing the Cadets the Russian School
Lunch in the Church Hall
Father George Larin with Lieutenant Colonel Michael Nerstheimer
Professor Dr. Olga V. Dubrunoff and Elder Sister Mrs. Anasatsia B. Lopoukhine
Mrs. Gloria Clark and Matushka C. Larin
Mr. Kirill M. Zaporoshan and cadet Ranson Sammons
Protodeacon Serge Arlievsky and Cadet Ivan Ivaschenko
Protodeacon Serge Arlievsky and cadet Jonathan Stamp
Mrs. Gloria Clark relating her Father's Story: Brigadier General Edward J. CZERNIUK
Mrs. Gloria Clark
Mr. Alexander S. Alimov: Senior Consultant to the Russian Federation at the UN
Guests from West Point
Cadet Ranson Sammons
Lt. Col. Michael Nerstheimer
Rector- Archpriest George Larin
Mrs. Gloria Clark, Matushka C. Larin, Col. Richard Clark
Colonel Richard Clark and LTC Michael Nerstheimer
ProtoDeacon S. Arlievsky
Prof. Olga V. Dobrunoff and Protodeacon S. Arlievsky
School prayer
School prayer
School prayer
Visit to the Church Bookstore- Store Manager: Marie Zaporoshan
Visit to the Church Bookstore
Rector, Father George Larin and Cadet Ivan Ivashenko
West Point visitors greeted by Father George Larin- Parish Rector and Mr. Serge R. Lopoukhine
LTC Michael Merstheimer with Russian School students
Cadets in the School Kindergarten class with Protodeacon Arlievsky
Church tour led by Mr. Serge R. Lopoukhine
Church tour
Church tour- explaining the iconic murals
Bookstore visit
A Russian Lunch: LTC Michael Nestheimer, Father George Larin and Marie Zaporoshan
Cadet Ranson Sammons and Mr. Alexander S. Alimov helping themselves to Russian Pelmeni (dumplings with beef, pork and lamb)
Russian Lunch: Pelmeni
Cadet Ivan Ivashenko and Protodeacon S. Arlievsky
Cadets Ranson Sammons and Jonathan Stamp showing off their visit souvenir: little Matroshka dolls.