Church Feast Day Trapeza - 10/14/13

The Sisterhood invited all clergy, parishioners and guests to the Banquet laid out in the recently renovated Church hall. There were over twenty seated at the clergy table: His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion, Archpriests, Protodeacons, Deacon, Subdeacons and Readers!

Parishioners and friends occupied over 13 tables. An excellent buffet with varied meat and seafood dishes, salads, vinaigrettes were placed on the 30 foot long buffet table in the middle of the banquet hall. On each table the guests were offered red and white wine and a cranberry kvass made especially for this occasion by our never-tiring Matushka Katia Larin!

The day was a memorable one and several were heard saying that they were sad to see it end so soon...

preparing for the banquet
Father George Larin, His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion, Father Victor Teshkovsky
Subdeacons and Readers
Reader Nektary Lukianov, Protodeacon Dimitri Temidis, Archpriest Nikolai Olhovsky
Archpriests Ilia Gorsky, Alexander Donchenko
Monk Theodosius from Mt. Athos and Protodeacon Joseph Jarostchuk
Parishioners and friends
Parishioners and friends
Parishioners and friends
His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion and Church Store Manager, Marie Zaporoshan
Matushka K. Larin enjoying a conversation with Mr. M. Valitzky, Father N. Olhovsky and Fr. Protodeacon Joseph Jarostchuk
Elizabeth Vursta and Mrs. Rabcevics setting up the clergy table.
Nikolskys from Poughkeepsie with elder sister, Anastasia Lopoukhine
Alexis Slobodskoy, Tatiana Tchertkoff, Masha Slobodskoy
Buffet table set
guest tables
Dessert table
Clergy table
Overview of the hall
guest tables