Bright Monday: 1973

I have posted 19 photos of the cruccesion on Bright Monday in 1973. I was a glorious day weatherwise as well as the second day celebration of Easter. I bring to your attention the clergy officiating the procession. Young Father George Larin and Father Deacon Victor Potapov. This is how they looked 41 years ago. Some of you elder folks will recognize the parishioners captured in these photos. I will try to note them in some of the photos and also the children who are now four decades older. Also note that the hall was not built yet. A red brick building stood on the site left of the church. This was used as the Church school and trapeza building.

Anastasia Lopoukhine (now the Elder Sister) and her daughter Lydia- now Mrs. Hoffman residing in St. Paul MN.
Fr. G. Larin, Deacon V. Potapov holding the Gospel, Garik Hetchinoff and Sergei Lopuchin holding the "repidi"
'Candle girls' walking out holding icons.
l. to r. M. Ossorguine, Liuba Afanasenko (now Matushka Lukianova), Anna Rodzianko. Foreground: Elena I. Penkrat, Lydia Gnoutcheff. On Chuch steps, G. Lopuchin, S. Koulomzin, Mrs. Butesku
l. to r. Anastasia Lopoukhine (currently the Eleder Sister), Elizabeth 'Tsenka' Veter- Choir Director (Checkered beige coat) and Bronia Mashin.
Sergei Ossorguine carrying the Church banner
center to right: Mrs. Butesku on Church Porch, Xenia Rudolph (now Kalinin) and Elizabeth 'Tsenka' Veter
l. to r. : Fr. G. Larin, Deacon Victor Potapov, Sergei Lopuchin, M. Gnoutcheff Jr., Misha Ossorguine, Mrs. Gerlach (Elder Sister)
Alex Penkrat (lower right corner)
Mrs. Gerlach extreme left- holding the Icon of the Resurrection. Fr. G. Larin blessing the parishioners